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10 Ways to Beat The Heat While Horse Riding This Summer

It’s Summer & It’s HOT! 10 Smart Ways to Beat the Heat and Stop Your Horse From Bucking Don’t Stay Inside All Summer. Check out our top 10 ideas for staying safe and cool while horse riding this summer.  Spring is over… Fall is coming… but for now, it’s SUMMER. Yeah, we understand completely. The coolness of Spring has lapsed, especially here in the south and Fall is still months away. Our BuckBuster Bridles & Halters are proudly made in the prairie land [...]


OUR FIRST TRIP HORSEBACK RIDING – Grateful For The BuckBuster Anti Bucking Bridle!

I woke up one morning and was excited because I had a surprise for my kids. The day began by getting lunches and snacks and such as if going on vacation, which we were, but only for a day. When I finished loading up the car, my wife and I got the kids ready and loaded up as well. The kids still did not know what we were doing. This was so much fun and the anticipation was rising [...]


Importance of Safety With Kids and Horses – How to Prevent Your Horse From Bucking

Want to get your kids more active? Consider Horseback Riding! Kids nowadays have such a sedentary lifestyle with movies, video games, television, etc. In order to boost the health of our kids we must come up with activities that encourage being outside and moving around to get over this predominant lifestyle that is becoming more prevalent. Riding horses is a fun activity for a very large spectrum of people and seems to be a natural, fun way for most children [...]