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Frequently Asked Questions


How will my order be shipped? 
Your BuckBuster Tack will ship U.S.P.S. Priority Mail (2-3 days) within the United States.  
You will receive tracking information via email once your order has shipped.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we will ship your BuckBuster Tack anywhere!  International orders ship out via U.S. Postal Service.  Tracking is available with Priority Mail.  First Class Mail allow at least 2 weeks delivery.


Can I mail a payment? 
Yes, we accept U.S. Certified Check or U.S. Money Order.
Your product will ship when your check has cleared. 
Mail Payment to:
The BuckBuster  PO Box 1516  Broken Arrow, OK 74013
(Include your name, address, and phone number along with a description of your order and the appropriate shipping.)  


Is it adjustable? 
Yes, BuckBuster Tack is adjustable on the cheeks, noseband, throat latch, and bit straps if purchased.  The included saddle strap is also fully adjustable.


Does the size of the horse matter? Will it fit my horse?
Yes. It is adjustable to fit small and large horses. It will fit nearly any horse. 
Note: Belgian and Draft horses will most likely require alterations.


Will it fit my mule or pony?
Probably. The BuckBuster Halter and Bridle are adjustable to fit different sizes. The ear holes will accommodate mule’s ears.  
The BuckBuster Halter and Bridle will adjust down to fit most ponies.


Do you take custom orders?
Sometimes. If your BuckBuster Tack needs to be adjusted to a larger or smaller size, we can usually accommodate.  However, specialty BuckBuster orders are non-refundable.


Does this product cause pain to my horse?
The horse will only feel pressure when it lowers its head preceding a buck.  When the horse is not acting up, it will not know The BuckBuster Halter is on. 


Will my horse be able to eat and drink with The BuckBuster Tack on?
It depends on how you adjust the saddle strap.  More slack in the strap allows for your horse to lower its head before activating the product.  To allow your horse to drink during trail rides, simply unloop the saddle strap from the horn.


Does it keep the horse’s head up?
No.  BuckBuster Tack is designed to allow for the horse to lower its head, however, when it does, the squeezing pressure will begin.  Thus encouraging the horse to keep its head from lowering to the bucking position but not to prevent it from lowering the head altogether.


Will it make my horse stop kicking?
Yes, if the horse lowers its head to kick.
BuckBuster Tack will help limit any behavior that involves the horse lowering its head.


Does the product keep the horse from rearing?
No. BuckBuster Tack helps with bucking and any behavior that involves lowering the horse's head.
Experienced Riders Only:  An experienced rider could pull on the saddle strap to activate the product if the horse begins an undesired behavior.


Can BuckBuster Tack be used with a tie-down or hackamore?
 Yes.  The addition of a floating ring might be necessary.


Would it interfere with working my horse on cattle, roping, or trail riding?
No.  Proper adjustment of the saddle strap allows for more or less lowering of the head before the product will activate.


Do I still need a bridle if I use The BuckBuster Halter?
The BuckBuster Halter is designed to work with the use of a bridle overtop.  
However, If you purchase The BuckBuster Bridle, you will NOT need to use your own bridle overtop.


Can I still ride without the use of a Bit or Bridle?
Yes.  BuckBuster Tack includes two lower stainless steel d-rings that will allow the rider to simply connect a rein to.


Would this be helpful for my grandparents who are too old to get bucked off? What about children?
We've had many testimonials about people who have quit riding because of
 concerns about the dangers of riding a horse. BuckBuster Tack will help reduce the likelihood of bucking.
BuckBuster Tack increases peace of mind with children, novices, and elderly riders.