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Pleasantly surprised

I ran across the buckbuster while surfing through youtube, I was working four colts from two years old to four years in the round pen doing a bunch of ground work. I hadn’t saddled them yet and I’m 60 years old so the ground is getting harder and not enough hand holds on my saddle… Read more “Pleasantly surprised”


BuckBuster Facebook “Bucking Bronco Horse”

“Hello here from Australia, Just want to let you know how happy I am with my bridle, it has given me the confidence to get back on my horse, I have a green broke horse and every now and again he Bucks! He bucks like a bucking bronco horse, I thought I’d try this bridle… Read more “BuckBuster Facebook “Bucking Bronco Horse””


Training Wild Horses to Stop Bucking

It gives me confidence when it comes time to mount a horse that has never been rode. It’s like a silent helping hand. Read more “Training Wild Horses to Stop Bucking”

Waddell, AZ

BuckBuster Every Time

I feel much safer using your product. My horse was instantly responsive and was calmer and more collected while using the Buck Buster. Read more “BuckBuster Every Time”

Leigh Anne

I’m a believer

After being badly dumped off my 4 year old mare, (I’m in my 60’s and have suffered from 2 separate occasions in the past 4 years, a broken leg ,surgery, and broken arm from being dumped ) I googled how to stop my horse from bucking because I knew I didn’t want to stop riding.… Read more “I’m a believer”

Oldtown, idaho

Stop Bucking Horse Trainer

I truly believe every horse trainer should have one in their tack room. Read more “Stop Bucking Horse Trainer”

Facebook Horse Trainer

Horse Bucking Stopped

Thunder is a “sleeper”. He will ride fine sometimes and then just start bucking without warning. The BuckBuster has taken him from being a sleeper to being super! Read more “Horse Bucking Stopped”

Best Horse Bucking Tack

The buck buster halter does work. I’m using it on a 2-year old gelding that i just started this spring. Read more “Best Horse Bucking Tack”

Yahoo Answers online testimony

No Buck Bridle in Australia

I got told about your product by another great trainer and decided it was either we sacked the horse or gave it a go. May i add this horse would not let you mount him by the means of a stirrup iron because of the way he was started. Read more “No Buck Bridle in Australia”

Troy W.

Amazing Anti Buck Bridle!

My quarter horse was a difficult horse to break to ride. He flunk his 4 months of breaking/schooling and was sent home with seroius warnings that he was a bucker and he could be very unpredictable and dangerous. I was later told my horse genetics double handcock bred could be my horse’s problem. (Hancock’s can… Read more “Amazing Anti Buck Bridle!”

Crystal River, FL


I have started many horses over the last 30 years. Never used tie downs or any mechanical device. Sold a young just started horse several years ago to an idiot. I told him this horse was not ready but since he knows more than I he took him anyway. He took this horse on his… Read more “Trainer”

Steve Scott

How to Stop a Bucking Horse

I was really going to get rid of him until i looked up online “How to Stop a Bucking Horse” and found the Buck Buster! I was skeptical at first, but purchased it anyway because of the money back guarantee. I didn’t figure i had anything to lose at this point. Read more “How to Stop a Bucking Horse”

P. Mccloskey
Tulsa, OK

Horse Trainer Approved

I’ll always have this on my horse when I ride. I’m a certified trainer, this makes a great tool for any horse I work… Read more “Horse Trainer Approved”

New York

Trained My Horse Not To Buck

Was a little skeptical at first, but after I tried it, the first time my horse tried to act up, he hit that BuckBuster. Read more “Trained My Horse Not To Buck”

10 Minute Buck Stopper!

I have seen dozens of unbroken, never before ridden, green 2 and 3 yr. old horses Read more “10 Minute Buck Stopper!”

Thelbert Barnes - Rodeo Contractor

works great

wow!!! we are so glad we found this it was a life… Read more “works great”


World Champion Roper Approved

The BuckBuster is the greatest piece of equipment to come along since the saddle. Read more “World Champion Roper Approved”

Rob Pierce - World Champion Calf Roper

Champ Approved Anti Buck Bridle

Pole bending champ approves! With the Barnes Trainer (BuckBuster) an un-ridden 2 or 3-year-old can be ready to ride in just the time it takes to put it on your horse. Read more “Champ Approved Anti Buck Bridle”

Donna Pierce - 3 Time Pole Bending Champion

Horse Bucking Stopped the Smart Way

BuckBuster smart for all! Riders of all skill levels would be smart to use the BuckBuster. Read more “Horse Bucking Stopped the Smart Way”

Billy Hughes - Trail Rider

Buckbuster Has Transformed My Son’s Pony to Stop Bucking

After your BuckBuster arrived, we saddled up “Chief” and WOW!, i still can’t believe it. Chief attempted to buck one time. Read more “Buckbuster Has Transformed My Son’s Pony to Stop Bucking”


Horse Bucking Controlled

Today i rode for the first time in the arena doing dressage with the BuckBuster snaffle double bridle arrangement. It worked wonderfully. Read more “Horse Bucking Controlled”


Breaking a Horse From Bucking

I got the BuckBuster. Since i got it “Bud” tried to buck but he was fooled because it works. Now he’s another horse. Read more “Breaking a Horse From Bucking”

Roma, Texas

BuckBuster No Buck Bridle Saves Valuable Hours!

The BuckBuster saves me many valuable hours. I don’t spend nearly as much time as i did to green break a horse since i started it. Read more “BuckBuster No Buck Bridle Saves Valuable Hours!”

Dale Haraway - Trainer

Thousands Spent No…BuckBuster Yes!

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on professional trainers, and your halter solved the problem. Read more “Thousands Spent No…BuckBuster Yes!”

Forrest City, Iowa

Buck Stopper for Horse Angels Veterinarian

Thank you so much for helping our horses with bucking problems with your BuckBuster! It gives them a chance at a real home! Read more “Buck Stopper for Horse Angels Veterinarian”

It works!

I’m a 50 year old woman, who isn’t as agile as I used to be! lol I have a young colt that I recently started riding. He has real potential to be a very good riding horse, but whenever I’d push him into a lope he’d take a couple strides, drop his head and buck.… Read more “It works!”

Piedmont, Missouri

Safer Way to Stop Bucking

Makes you feel safer! I think the buck buster is a wonderful new product. Makes you feel safer going out on a young horse, especially when you don’t get them worked daily. Read more “Safer Way to Stop Bucking”


Break a Horse from Bucking in Australia

Australia loves the BuckBuster too! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I have a 13 yr. old quarter horse he was broken as an 8 yr old and is extremely girth proud. Your BuckBuster was his last chance at life. Read more “Break a Horse from Bucking in Australia”

Tony O'Connor
Townsville Queensland Australia

BuckBuster Never Fails

It is an unbelievable asset for training horses. Read more “BuckBuster Never Fails”

Scott Daily - Daily Horse Training

Stop Horse Bucking Halter

My wife had read about the BuckBuster and recommended me trying one. I was very skeptical. I mean, how would a halter keep a horse from bucking? Read more “Stop Horse Bucking Halter”


How to STOPPREVENTRESTRAIN your horse from bucking.

BuckBuster Bridle

Made using high quality leather, copper rivets, and equine grade thread; this complete harness system is a must-have horse tack item. Adjusts to fit most horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys. This version comes with a bit strap set which eliminates the need for a separate bridle over top. Simply connect your favorite bit and enjoy the ride.

BuckBuster Halter

Made using high quality leather, copper rivets, and equine grade thread; this complete harness system is a must-have horse tack item. Adjusts to fit most horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys. This version requires the use of a separate bridle over top.

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