How To Stop A Horse From Bucking

The BuckBuster

The one and only BuckBuster Tack! The Way To Stop A Horse From Bucking

The BuckBuster Halter is designed to apply pressure to the base of the horse’s ears (at a pressure point) when it lowers its head preceding a buck. Therefore, The BuckBuster Halter is a pressure and release system applying pressure during the unwanted behavior and releasing the pressure during the desired behavior. The horse essentially teaches itself that it’s no fun to buck!

How to Stop a Horse from Bucking

Everything You Need to Stop a Horse from Bucking

Our Buckbuster Bridle or Buckbuster Halter can stop your horse from bucking in virtually minutes. We offer both options for our customers, and even have a product to use with a side saddle.

Here’s How Our Products Work

We have a unique patented system of letting your horse feel uncomfortable, but not pain, when its head is down. The Buckbuster Tack stops your horse from bucking by putting pressure on the lower part of the ears when the head is lowered and releases the pressure when the horse raises its head.

Benefits of Buckbuster Tack

Benefits to The Rider

You have invested time, training, money, and affection on your horse. When your horse won’t let you ride, your efforts seem futile. We have an affordable, humane way to help get you back in the saddle.

Benefits to the Horse

Many horses are surrendered to kill pens and rescue organizations every year because their riders/owners can’t afford to pay for an expert to spend weeks training them to stop bucking.

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