Amazing Anti Buck Bridle!

My quarter horse was a difficult horse to break to ride. He flunk his 4 months of breaking/schooling and was sent home with seroius warnings that he was a bucker and he could be very unpredictable and dangerous. I was later told my horse genetics double handcock bred could be my horse’s problem. (Hancock’s can be great broncos) Therefore, I could Never sell him or give him away cause it was not fair to new owners and my horse…it would not be ethical. So, I did lots of research online trying to find the solution to my horse bronco bucking problem. Just didn’t want to give up on him. I was skeptical about the Buck Buster Bridle, but hey what did I have too loose. So, it took me about a week to get up the nerve to ride him in arena with this new BBB. Lol! When I put it on….it was easy, and I was pleased with the quality. So, i mounted my horse in the arena and walked him around ….. he tried to lower his head into a buck position and amazing he did a self quick pressure/release. Lol! There is no way I could be this accurate in timing on catching a set up for a buck. It has greatly helped me with my training and now he behaves like a horse should behave… horse corrects himself with this bridle. Another plus…I can use less invasive bits for control….like a broken snaffle happy mouth since he is almost 4 year old. I won’t ride without BBB. Lol! When trainers and “know-it-alls” suggest that if I do their techniques and training hints, I won’t need the BBB. Lol! My reply, “then I will let you be the first to ride my horse without the Buck Buster Bridle” Lol! This anti buck bridle is like a reg bridle….doesn’t activate or do anything until the horse sets himself up to buck. Now my horse rarely tries to test the bridle like he did at first. It teaches the horse not to Buck. Thank u Buck Buster Bridle company for saving a great horse who has become one of my best! I am very happy!

Crystal River, FL
Mar 20, 2018 11:19 AM