Break a Horse from Bucking in Australia

Australia Loves The BuckBuster!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I have a 13 yr. old quarter horse he was broken as an 8 yr old and is extremely girth proud. Your BuckBuster was his last chance at life. He is as good a horse that money can buy on the ground, my grandson could swing on his tail and my dogs run around his legs, but put a saddle on him and you had hell on 4 legs. I tried things and listened to all the experts… the BuckBuster is the only thing that has saved him from being turned into dog food. To anyone that does not believe in the BuckBuster, they are welcome to call me Tony O’Connor – Townsville Queensland Australia. Thank you once more. And to all the people that knock your product, real knowledge is what you gain after you think you know everything. Feel free to use my story on your website, here is a picture of the palomino your BuckBuster saved. Cheers! Tony & Tony’s horse.

Tony O'Connor
Townsville Queensland Australia
Dec 29, 2013 1:40 PM