Best Horse Bucking Tack

Best Horse Tack

“The buck buster halter does work. I’m using it on a 2-year old gelding that i just started this spring. First time i got on him he took off before i could pull his head around and so i gracefully let myself off. I couldn’t t see myself riding that one out. LOL got online and saw the buck buster and bought it. It has a 10-day money back guarantee. What did i have to lose? So i put it on, started his training on the ground all over again. Wanted to make sure he felt his limitations. Every time he wears it, he doesn’t t buck. I have worked him from the ground in the round pen without it and he bucks. So i know it works when he wears it. There is plenty of slack in the reins to relax his neck when he wears it. I know he knows he has it on, because he won’t even drop his head for the flies on his legs. So i make sure i use a lot of fly spray. In a nut shell, best horse tack purchase i have made since i bought my saddle. Good luck, hope it works as good for you as it does for me.”

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Oct 24, 2014 8:26 AM