BuckBuster Facebook “Bucking Bronco Horse”

“Hello here from Australia, Just want to let you know how happy I am with my bridle, it has given me the confidence to get back on my horse, I have a green broke horse and every now and again he Bucks! He bucks like a bucking bronco horse, I thought I’d try this bridle out to stop him from being able to buck so bad so before I could be confident to trust the bridle here’s what I done, I put a rope on his flank one that I could pull and release whilst lunging him, I started lunging pulled the flank rope tight and he could only throw his back legs up, he couldn’t get his front feet off the ground, I held that flank strap till he stopped and was happy to go round without bucking and then I released the pressure, I continued to do this in the opposite direction and then I was happy that he couldn’t get into a full on buck with the bridle on, After I could see he couldn’t buck like he did when he threw me off I got my confidence back and got back on.
Thank you again for not only stopping my horse from being able to buck like crazy but restoring my confidence…”

Thanks, Kylie, for sharing your BuckBuster experience with us. We are so thankful you have your confidence back!

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Sep 24, 2019 11:35 AM