Buck Stopper for Horse Angels Veterinarian

Buck Stopper for Horse Angels Veterinarian

“I am truly surprised that i am writing this testimonial, because when i first viewed the videos of your Buckbuster in action and considered using it for our rescues with bucking issues as a result of human mishandling, i was certain that a product could not stop bucking and be humane. I envisioned some sort of device that inflicted pain in response to bad behavior. Our horses have had enough pain at the hands of humans, so i nearly discarded the idea of trying the buck buster. At that time, we had 4 horses here that despite professional training with 2 well-known methods, could not be trusted as predictable mounts. 3 of the horses were average buckers, and one was quite serious (would not change his rhythm or outward attitude, and would literally explode, falling during his extreme bucking and then getting up again for more). I personally tested your product on these 4 horses, and as you can imagine, i saved the dangerous one until last!

The first 3 horses each wore the buck buster during groundwork to get used to the feel. None responded negatively to the light touch on the ears when they put their head down to buck, and none of the 3 bucked at all afterwards when under saddle when i rode them outside with your product. I pushed each with those things that generally caused bucking (i.e.: i rode the barn sour horse away from the barn at a canter. When he refused, i gave him a lot of leg and insisted! He never considered bucking and has been ridden since without any resistance when asked to canter away from the barn. I had similar experiences with the other 2 “normal” buckers; i have never experienced a buck with these horses since introducing the buck buster).

Sparky was the true test, and I’ll admit to being nervous about that ride! I did no ground work, because i wanted to put your buck buster to the test! I’m not that young, and Sparky had to feel my apprehension as i thought about breaking a bone and being out of commission as a veterinarian while i healed! Sparky is a sweet horse when not under saddle, and has advanced training, so if the buck buster worked, he could eventually be adopted and have his own person that enjoys riding a fine horse. I had to check the effectiveness of the buck buster for Sparky’s sake!

Sparky walked nicely, and went into the most comfortable little western jog trot. I relaxed, and just as i did, his head shot down for his mega bucking fit! His head stopped at knee level and he stopped his forward motion. I gave the cue to get back into his pretty trot, and he went right into it as though nothing had happened! We went outside, and he gave it one more try on the trail, and did not follow through with the buck. Sparky rides with the buck buster and his bridle, and has never tried a buck again. He’s a smart horse, so i hope you are working on other products for other tricks that i can tell he is thinking about! I’ll watch for something new called the “Sparky Buster” for rearing or spinning off riders! For now, Sparky is a joy to ride!

Thank-you so much for helping our horses with bucking problems with your buck buster! It gives them a chance at a real home!”

Dr. Sue Whitman
President and Veterinarian,
Horse-Angels, Inc. Horse Rescue

May 13, 2014 12:35 PM