I have started many horses over the last 30 years. Never used tie downs or any mechanical device. Sold a young just started horse several years ago to an idiot. I told him this horse was not ready but since he knows more than I he took him anyway. He took this horse on his first outing to a loud and crowded event. Got bucked off. Two months later he had been bucked off several times. ( At this point he had trained the horse to buck ). I took the horse back. Thought I would try the Buck buster device. Flash forward 3 years . This horse has not bucked once since I got him back. When you put the device on him he feels for it and is a changed animal. Unbelievable! Have since sold him again and new owner says this is the best horse he has ever owned. This device saved this horses life. First owner had absolutely ruined him. Not that I am going to use this device in my training regularly but it is amazing on trouble animals. A must tool to have .

Steve Scott
Mar 5, 2019 2:22 PM