I’m a believer

After being badly dumped off my 4 year old mare, (I’m in my 60’s and have suffered from 2 separate occasions in the past 4 years, a broken leg ,surgery, and broken arm from being dumped ) I googled how to stop my horse from bucking because I knew I didn’t want to stop riding. and this buck buster bridle came up. I ordered it figuring I would give it a try. I was disappointed when I put it on and the 3 out seven horses we have that buck, still bucked through it. The amazing thing to me though is since that time, of the three buckers only one tried to buck once after that and that was one hop and she was done. One of the horses was a chronic bunker every time you saddled him. (8 yr old and chronic Buckner from day one) Since that day a month and 1/2 ago, he has not offered to buck once. He is a different horse. My four year old is still young and needs time but has not offered to buck since putting it on her the first time. I’m very grateful to have found this great tool to keep me riding…into my 90’s. ;). Ellie

Oldtown, idaho
Oct 10, 2019 12:27 PM