It works!

I’m a 50 year old woman, who isn’t as agile as I used to be! lol I have a young colt that I recently started riding. He has real potential to be a very good riding horse, but whenever I’d push him into a lope he’d take a couple strides, drop his head and buck. Not bronco riding serious, but still quite unpleasant. I don’t feel like the challenge of riding it out anymore. Fortunately he had not succeeded in unseating me, and I could always get his head up and stop him. However, I’ve been hesitant to do anything but walk and trot because of this. I decided to order a buckbuster bridle, and tried it out recently. I asked him to lope, and he started to do his usual thing. He took a couple strides, began to lower his head, and you could literally see that he felt the pressure from the bridle take effect. He immediately put his head back up, and I was able to encourage him to lope without any further attempts on his part to buck. The bridle was able to react and apply pressure way faster than I can, and much more effectively. All I could do before is pull his head back up after he’d dropped it and bucked, which didn’t really stop him from trying again. I don’t know if this product works this well for every horse, but in this case it’s discouraged him from doing it. He doesn’t want to buck if he’s going to make himself uncomfortable! Luckily, he’s never bucked anyone off, and it isn’t a hardcore habit with him. So I feel like I’ve stopped it right in time, so we can progress peacefully with our riding lessons now. I’m very glad I bought this bridle, and would recommend it!

Piedmont, Missouri
Nov 13, 2020 1:34 PM