No Buck Bridle in Australia

Thank You From Australia

“Hi my name is Troy W. And I’m from Australia. Here is a video of your BuckBuster at work in Australia! I specialize mainly in problem horses or horses with some serious damage. Usually when a client calls me it is the last chance the horse has for becoming just too much for them to deal with! This little race horse colt was started very poorly and wreaked in the process. He’d had many kills and had gone rank and really was very athletic in his ability to get riders into the sand. I felt i was getting close to my personal ability to get him rode and stay on cause he was good! I got told about your product by another great trainer and decided it was either we sacked the horse or gave it a go. May i add this horse would not let you mount him by the means of a stirrup iron because of the way he was started. I had to take a leap of faith of my bucket and onto the poor fella’s back and pray to god your product did what it said it did. (sorry but you can’t blame me for that in this day and age!) so just wanted to say thanks and your product will be in my gear bag just in case i need it and i don’t often. But none the less it earned its place. Warm Regards.”

Troy W.
Aug 29, 2014 8:23 AM