How to Stop a Bucking Horse

Tulsa, OKlahoma

“My horse is a four year old appaloosa that just spent 90 days with a trainer. The only time he bucked there was when he was loose in the arena with the saddle on. He never bucked when the trainer rode him. I got him home and the first day he was great but the second day after riding him for about 15 to 20 minutes he decides to buck me off. I worked him in the round pen each time before we rode. My daughter came for a visit and the same thing happened. The first day he was great then the second day he bucked her off. I was really going to get rid of him until i looked up online “how to stop a bucking horse” and found the buck buster! I was skeptical at first, but purchased it anyway because of the money back guarantee. I didn’t figure i had anything to lose at this point. It took a little adjusting cuz my appy likes to throw his head too, but after we got it all adjusted and put a tie down on him it worked great. The second day i worked him and got on and he road beautifully. He’s been my pet for 4 years so he thought he could do whatever he wanted, now he gives me the respect i deserve. Thanks so much for allowing me to keep my horse that I’ve raised from a baby. He means a lot to me and without the BuckBuster he’d be on his way who knows where.”

P. Mccloskey
Tulsa, OK
Jun 11, 2014 8:21 AM