Thousands Spent No…BuckBuster Yes!

Thousands Spent: No… BuckBuster: Yes!

“I purchased your trainer (BuckBuster) earlier this year but hadn’t had much chance to use it. The reason being my mare is what they call a “sleeper”. She can be the best broke horse in the world until she decides today is not the day to be ridden. You put your foot in the stirrup and she’s suddenly a world-class bucking horse. But not anymore… This weekend we attended a living history event and used her for medieval games. Much like the renaissance faire games. My husband took her into a canter and she started bucking. The last time she did this he was airborne. This time she could only hop. And then she stopped…totally bewildered. She tried it one more time and the attempt to buck was hilarious. The look on her face… Thank you…I’ve spent thousands of dollars on professional trainers, and your halter solved the problem.”


Forrest City, Iowa
Feb 17, 2008 10:00 AM