Buckbuster Has Transformed My Son’s Pony to Stop Bucking

Buckbuster Has Transformed My Son’s Pony

“From mustang to family member! Hello from southeast Texas! I couldn’t be happier with your BuckBuster. My 6 yr old son fell in love with a beautiful little mustang about a year ago and after purchasing it we were unable to ride him because he wanted to buck every time we saddled him. Due to time constraints with my job, i was unable to spend the time working with the pony to ensure that he would be suitable for a kid to ride. After your BuckBuster arrived, we saddled up “chief” and wow!, i still can’t believe it. Chief attempted to buck one time and didn’t like the feeling and stood very calmly while my 13 yr old son mounted him. Within 15 minutes, the pony was walking around the pen with no jump at all. We have used the BuckBuster to continue the pony’s training and plan on taking him on a trail ride shortly. Way to go guys, what a brilliant piece of tack. This is a must have for every person that owns a horse. Anything can be taught if you have the right tools, and this is the right tool. In response to the BuckBuster requesting to use his testimonial on a message board: use my feedback wherever you want. Anyone who has something negative to say about your trainer shouldn’t own a horse. Anyone who has any common sense about horses and their behavior will instantly recognize the value of your trainer. Since i last wrote you, the pony that was so unwilling to be ridden has transformed into a pony that is eager to be ridden and will run to the gate when he sees my son coming with a saddle. The pony now understands that riding doesn’t hurt him and he gets to go socialize with other horses on trail rides, see new places and is becoming a productive member of our family. Thanks again guys and keep up the good work.”

Jan 29, 2016 2:15 PM