Stop Horse Bucking Halter

Well Worth Every Dime!

“In October of 2007, i received an older mare that had very little handling. I went through the ground work and started her under saddle. She was coming along beautiful when all of a sudden and without warning she blew up, resulting in me having two broken ribs and a chipped vertebra. I was out for a while. I grew up raising and training horses and am accustomed to the rewards / hazards associated with working these magnificent animals. However, i never experienced pain like i felt that day. As i started the healing process, i found myself becoming intimidated at the idea on sitting saddle again. My wife had read about the BuckBuster and recommended me trying one. I was very skeptical. I mean, how would a halter keep a horse from bucking? By march of 2008, my ribs and back had healed up enough for me to start riding again. Naturally, i had a score to settle with a certain mare. She was brought into the round pen and making a long story short, it worked!!! She could not get her head down to buck. There was no pain inflicted, she just could not lower her head. I’ve started several horses over the past couple of months, each with the BuckBuster. I haven’t had one try to buck yet. As soon as they lower their head, they raise it right back up, giving me a chance to regain control. If not for the BuckBuster, i don’t know where my riding would be today. It was well worth every dime spent.”

Mar 1, 2008 8:48 AM