Training Wild Horses to Stop Bucking

Wild Horses to Riding!

Wild horses to riding! I bought your BuckBuster. I am a horse trainer in Waddell, Arizona. I start horses. I am 53 years old and have had several wrecks on horses in the past that resulted in several trips to the hospital. My family and friends say I’m too old to start horses. I disagree. I don’t care if it kills me. I love starting horses and ridding green horses. When a horse gets calm and easy to handle i sell it because there is no challenge riding it. When i bought your halter, my wife argued that we couldn’t afford it, i had just been laid off from my job and funds were tight. I have 15 horses most of the time. When i sell one or finish training one for someone else i don’t let a stall sit empty very long. I will go buy a wild colt horse off the Indian reservation and train it for trails and put i it up for sale and do it again. I have 4 adopted kids ages 9 to 14, a girl and 3 boys. Well, i ride and train these horses until the buck is gone, then i let the kids put miles on them riding through the neighborhood and on trails. I used to have a hard time to get 2 of the boys to ride because they were afraid the horse would spook and toss them off. When i got this BuckBuster, i was skeptical. I had 4 geldings i was training at the time. I knew they all bucked. And i was planning on doing a lot of ground work to get the buck out of them. So i worked with them enough so i could get the halter on and a saddle. Then i just adjusted it a few times and let all 4 go in the round pen. Only one had the halter on. I only have one. I ran them for a few minutes, so the horse could get the feel of it. Then i caught him and put the bridle (tom thumb snaffle bit) over the BuckBuster. I walked around at his side turning him and stopping him, so he would get the feel of the new equipment. He was ok with it. These are big horses 16 hands +, and I’m 5’8″ and 53 years old. So i need a bucket to get on some days when i can’t lift my leg high enough from stiffness. I put the bucket down and the horse stood there for me to get on. He was calm. Nothing happened. Then i turned him. He reared in a circle not high or bad and came down and started to buck. He came down on his front end after rearing and wanted to buck, but it stopped there. One hop and he wasn’t a bucking horse any more. I still used the BuckBuster on him when i rode him for about a week then i tried him with out it and he rides nice. I have tried it on several other horses, too. My 2 boys that wouldn’t ride seen how the horses quit bucking with it on and now they will ride with the Barnes Trainer on. My problem with the kids is i only have one BuckBuster and I’m unemployed and can’t afford to buy another right now or i would. So my boys share. They take turns using it when I’m not using it. It gets used every day around here. It helps me a lot in training horses. I have cut my ground work time way down. Now i can train them from their back. I believe this BuckBuster works. It gives me confidence when it comes time to mount a horse that has never been rode. It’s like a silent helping hand. Other live helpers seem to be more trouble than help. Now that i got help training horses, the price of fuel and feed has gone up so high that horse training and sells has dropped tremendously. I am trying to make it as a horse trainer. I’ve been doing this for many years, but i might have to get another job to make ends meet. But thank you, the Barnes Trainer (BuckBuster) works, i believe.

In response to the buckbuster requesting to use his testimonial on a message board:

Sure, i have no problem with you using my testimony. I think it works. It sure helps me. I have my femur bone broke twice 2 years ago on the same leg. It’s mostly metal now, but i move a lot slower and my knee on the other leg is bad, too. So, i wobble around and refuse to quit training horses, even though i have been hurt many times. So, i am happy this buckbuster came along. I train wild horses straight from the Indian reservation. Ones that have never been caught before and have them riding in a week with the help of the buckbuster. It used to take a month to get in the saddle.

Waddell, AZ
Sep 22, 2010 1:24 PM