Why Your Horse Bucks And How To Stop It

Why Your Horse Bucks And How To Stop It

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It’s a beautiful sunny day. There’s a crisp breeze in the air. Seems like a great day to take a ride and enjoy the day. Then there is the memory of the last ride; the one in which your usually gentle and loving Quarter horse decided to buck you off without warning. The end result for you, the rider, can lead to a feeling of fear or anxiety of getting bucked off the next ride.

There are many reasons that a horse would buck and cause this kind of scenario. The end result for the rider being now feeling uncomfortable on the horse and fearful of getting bucked off again the next ride.

Let’s take a look at possible scenarios that would cause a horse to buck.
• The horse could have become startled at something along the trail.
• It could have also been fearful of something that reminded it of a similar uncomfortable situation.
• The horse could become excited if it’s one of the first rides of the season or if it sees another horse.
• Being just plain ornery is another cause for buck.
• Having a medical condition leading to discomfort somewhere in its body is another cause, which needs to be ruled out.

Once you have seen your Vet and have ruled out discomfort as to the cause of horse bucking, you will need to take steps to prepare yourself and your horse for the next ride. At BuckBuster Tack, we have designed products to take the fear out of riding and to make riding safe and enjoyable again for the rider and horse. Learn about BuckBuster Products and How to stop a horse from bucking.