Reasons Horse Buck – Solutions to help.

Reasons Horse Buck – Solutions to help.

Bucking is a natural defense mechanism in a horse, but some never learn they can buck. Inexperienced riders are more likely to have a horse buck than an experienced one, but anyone can experience bucking. However, if you know what to do when it occurs, it can usually be stopped, and a good relationship established between horse and rider as a result.

Horses can learn bucking will give them control over the rider. This creates a power struggle between horse and rider and until it is stopped, the relationship between horse and rider may suffer. As stated above, bucking is a natural defense mechanism for a horse. They can buck for legitimate reasons aside from not wanting to be ridden. For instance, if a horse is in pain, stressed, startled, or afraid it may buck. Sometimes inexperienced riders will give a horse mixed signals and it can buck from frustration.

Make sure that you horse is not bucking from an ill-fitting saddle or other tack, make sure they are not sick, stressed, or do not have a valid reason for not wanting to be ridden. Investigate reasons for bucking before assuming your horse’s bucking is a power struggle or simple willfulness. If none of these conditions seem to be the reason you must question whether you, the rider is doing something to confuse or frustrate the horse. If you are an experienced rider and familiar with your horse, then you can probably assume this is not the problem. It may be time to get professional help if your horse is bucking because of your handling. A non-experienced rider needs training to handle a horse that is bucking. Our non-bucking bridle (link to page) and harness helps the inexperienced rider stop bucking at its source.

Horses can be stubborn animals and because of their size, it is essential that you have a good relationship with your horse. As the rider you must be in control, alert, and know how to stop bucking before it comes full force. If you consistently stop this behavior before it starts, the horse will learn you are a capable rider that can be trusted to stop bucking before it starts and will eventually give up.

Riding from the horse’s view is work, so ride him daily to get him used to riding. This is especially important if he has had some days or weeks without being ridden. When you first mount, give him a good workout by running him and working him hard. This will give your horse an opportunity to run off excess energy. As in humans, exercise reduces stress.

Be aware of the process involved in bucking. The horse’s head must be lowered to at least the level of his knees for him to buck. Preventing him from lowering his head will keep him from bucking. The BuckBuster Halter is designed to apply pressure to the base of the horse’s ears (at a pressure point) when it lowers its head preceding a buck. Therefore, The BuckBuster Halter is a pressure and release system applying pressure during the unwanted behavior and releasing the pressure during the desired behavior. The horse essentially teaches itself that it’s no fun to buck!

Designed to fit like a regular bridle, The BuckBuster Halter causes no discomfort to the horse until it activates it by throwing its head down to buck. As soon as it raises its head back up, the squeezing pressure ceases. The horse doesn’t know The BuckBuster Halter is on unless he misbehaves.

This ingenious device allows you to ride your problem horse within a few minutes. It also provides peace of mind to the rider whose horse is an occasional bucker.

BuckBuster Tack is available in two versions, The BuckBuster Halter and The BuckBuster Bridle. The original BuckBuster Halter requires the use of a bridle overtop. The BuckBuster Bridle eliminates the need for a bridle overtop.

The BuckBuster Halter is designed to work with a saddle that has a saddle horn. If you have an English saddle, then the purchase of an English Saddle Strap Adapter will be necessary in order to use your BuckBuster.

With the Buckbuster Halter or Buckbuster Bridle, your horse cannot buck. It’s that simple.

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