10 Ways to Beat The Heat While Horse Riding This Summer

10 Ways to Beat The Heat While Horse Riding This Summer

It’s Summer & It’s HOT!
10 Smart Ways to Beat the Heat and Stop Your Horse From Bucking

Don’t Stay Inside All Summer. Check out our top 10 ideas for staying safe and cool while horse riding this summer.  Spring is over… Fall is coming… but for now, it’s SUMMER.

Yeah, we understand completely. The coolness of Spring has lapsed, especially here in the south and Fall is still months away. Our BuckBuster Bridles & Halters are proudly made in the prairie land of Oklahoma and this time of year, the humidity can knock anyone off their horse! But don’t worry, we have some ideas to get you in the saddle again, even in the midst of the heat.

  1. Pick the coolest time of day to ride. Early mornings are best here in the south but late evenings could be just as enjoyable too for you late risers.
  2. Remember what mom says, “Don’t stay out too late.” It’s best to keep rides on the shorter side this time of year.
  3. Pick a nice shady trail and let the breeze cool you.
  4. Stay hydrated! Bring water or better yet, a water backpack for easy hydration.
  5. Wear a Hat. Yeah, I probably didn’t need to mention this one since it’s really a staple, but you never know.
  6. Bring Snacks. For you and your horse. It’ll work wonders.
  7. Wear light colored clothing and moisture wicking material if possible.
  8. Bring a friend. Think Buddy System. It’s best to ride together in the heat.
  9. Take Breaks. Don’t Push It! If you begin feeling too hot, take a rest.
  10. Have a good attitude. It will make the ride more enjoyable for you and your horse. Even if it’s a short ride, it will be better than not riding at all.

Don’t let the heat of summer stop you from riding. Get on out there and enjoy the ride.

P.S. Don’t forget your most important piece of tack to stop a bucking horse, your BuckBuster! Click here for more information about how to stop a horse from bucking.